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There are feature that one may need to focus on while buying bed sheets. There are several kinds and therefore when it comes to choosing extra care should be taken.


The higher the number of threads makes the better sheets. The thread is of great importance.

Any sheet of a better quality fiber with lower thread count will have a soft feeling. This sheet will stand washing better than a sheet sets with low fiber quality with a higher thread count. Thread count is one of the most important things to consider when choosing bed sheets.

FiberWhat To Look For In Bed Sheets

There are cotton polyester blend sheets which are durable and inexpensive. These sheets can be found half the price the cost of all cotton. They are also wrinkle resistant.

For cool and soft feel 100 percent cotton is the best. Fiber wicks moistures away from the skin and this ensures wake up clammy. Cotton sheets are also unlikely to stain like polyester blends.

Cotton realizes dirt easily when wet too. http://bedsheetadvisor.com/cariloha-crazy-soft-classic-king-sheets-review/


The feeling of the sheets is highly affected by the sheets. The way it looks, its price and its longevity are also affected by the weave.

Plain weave which are woven from an equal number of vertical and horizontal yarns. Sateen weaves have more than vertical than horizontal yearns. This higher proportion causes the sheets to be really soft.

Intricate weaves feel textured. They are durable but are made on special looms and are more expensive than the rest.


Some manufacturer’s offer pure finish sheets while others offer finish free. Pure finish means that no chemicals were used during manufacturing or all traces of chemicals have been removed. It is hard to maintain these sheets wrinkle free.

The finish free option is those that are not treated and woven from cotton grown without pesticide.


Colors and various patterns are applied after the weaving of sheets. The sheets feel stiff until they are washed. The softest colored sheets are usually made of yarn dyed fabrics woven from colored yarns.