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A toilet flange is an integral part of what holds a toilet in place and keeps it leak-free. The flange sits on top of the sewer drain which goes down into the floor from the toilet. It basically connects a toilet to the drain.

What It Looks Like

There are numerous varieties of toilet flanges available, which designates the What Is A Toilet Flangeappearance and material used, but the general concept remains the same among the varieties. The toilet flange is a circular piece generally fit into the sewer drain and mounted directly to the floor. It can be made of metal or plastic and includes a lip around the edge which contains holes for the bolts to go down through the base of the toilet and screw into. The flange should be flush with the finished floor. Many times the flange is essentially glued in as well, using specialty pipe adhesives.


The toilet flange keeps theĀ excellent Toilet comparison solidly in place on the floor and also keeps it from leaking when flushed. There is a wax ring on top of the flange which acts as a seal. If the flange is cracked or if the toilet is not installed properly, the toilet may rock or wobble when sat upon, and may leak when flushed if the wax seal is also compromised. If the bolts are not properly installed from the toilet into the flange, the toilet may exhibit the same issues and it may lead to a cracked flange. Flanges which are not level with the floor may also lead to wobbling when a toilet is sat upon. T

Replacement Or Repair

While flanges can break, it is uncommon. Flanges are often not easy to replace, and may require extensive plumbing work. A toilet flange may be seemingly a permanent fixture and removal may damage the floor or sewer pipe. Luckily there are repair kits available from most home improvement stores which are designed to fix a broken flange and restore its functionality, without the hassle and expense of a full replacement. These resemble a flange and are installed directly over the broken flange.