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Sonia is that the creative editor of The Nocturnal Glare — a DIY + style shelter journal — and a maker in spite of appearance. All told of her non-existent free time, she writes freelance for the likes of HGTV, Domino, and housing medical care.

As an user of the many hats for The Nocturnal Glare, once she isn’t enchained to her laptop computer or affixed to Pinterest, she plays the role of a stylist and trend spotter, stage director, content creator, occasional tv temperament, house decorator, creative person and may be a little bit of a lazy piece of furniture builder by trade.

A lover of all things each vintage and trendy – nevertheless totally obsessed on handmade. Confessedly a saver of project provides and lumber, she can’t manage to dispense with something that has even a small indefinite amount of ornamentation potential. Naturally, her current project list ne’er dips below the double digits.
A mamma of 2 very lovely little boys by day, a DIY daredevil and television binge watcher by night, Sonia is continually pushing the DIY boundaries to search out the bounds of what will really be done ‘yourself’ and what’s maybe higher left to some other person.

She has nevertheless to search out that limit, however has definitely comparable (many, several times). Either way, it’s certain to be a roaring experience to observe her journey. Thou’ you would possibly move to stay your distance, or she simply would possibly rope you into one amongst her latest schemes… or cause you to hold one thing for her.

Sonia Machado